Mental Health and Well Being

Mental Health and Well Being at Green Gates Academy

Children and young people’s mental health really matters, not only for the individual and their family, but for society as a whole. The evidence tells us that treating different, specific health issues separately will not tackle the overall wellbeing of this generation of children and young people. Their mental and physical health are intertwined, and at the heart of health and wellbeing are their relationships with others. They want an integrated child, youth and family friendly approach that recognises their particular needs, makes them feel supported, emphasises the positives and helps them to cope.

At Green Gates Academy we firmly believe that providing a framework for the children to be able to relax, talk and discuss problems and feel valued in their community is essential. We provide the following opportunities to support children’s health and well-being and help raise self-esteem:

  • Peer Massage
  • Play Therapy
  • Sensory Regulation
  • Pet Therapy
  • Healthy Eating & Fitness
  • Support from External Agencies

Please see our Mental Health and Wellbeing Guidelines

Children access these services at the school, during the school day by highly trained professionals to support the children on a regular basis. Green Gates Academy have recently joined the Stockton Primary group with the Future in Minds Programme.

Walking in Stockton - Tees Valley

Stockton is also a great place to walk. Please use this link to access guides that not only suggest some great places to go but will also make it easy for you to find your way around ranging from 1.7 miles to 2.3 miles. These short walks are fun and easy to follow.

Please also see the link below for a useful self-care kit has many ideas and activities for self-care for children, including mindful colouring, laughing aloud, breathing exercises, an emotional check-in, ways to express thoughts, a self soothe box and more creative activities.

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