Our Worry Box

What is a Worry Box?

It is cognitive behavioral therapy technique, Worry Boxes contain worries for the child. The container keeps the worries, so the child can let them go. Like journaling, which is an effective therapy technique, writing or drawing the worry gets it out of the child’s mind and into a “vessel” where it is contained offering the ability for a child to identify the source of anxiety, figuratively detach from it, and develop a mental or physical representation to assist them in containing it, can be amazingly powerful!

Worry Boxes give the worry a boundary. The worries are still there. They’ve been acknowledged and expressed by words or pictures, but they’re filling a space other than the child’s mind. They are a great tool in so many ways! First of all, it takes the internal stress of anxiety and makes it tangible and thus releasable, by putting it on paper and storing in a safe place rather than the child having to manage it all alone.

When a child adds a worry to the box, a member of staff and the child can then take time to connect and share the worry it helps the child connect with the adult and feel safe.

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