Behaviour and Rewards

All members of Green Gates Academy are encouraged to make positive choices that benefit themselves, our Academy and that found in the wider community. We want our pupils to not only behave in ways that demonstrate their eagerness to learn, but also exemplify their desire to be good people who think of others’ needs and not just their own.

Our Core Values at Green Gates Academy are Tolerance, Respect, Co-operation, Responsibility, Friendship and Kindness. These values provide the foundation of all our interactions and behaviour be it that of a pupil or a member of staff. It is expected that the characters of every pupil should be shaped by these values.

We expect all members of our school to behave courteously and respectfully towards one another in person, on paper, and when communicating electronically. We expect all pupils and staff to care actively for other members of our community and to contribute to their well‐being and success. We will respect ourselves and one another.

Where pupils fall short of our high expectations, they will be challenged by their teachers to change and grow. We are firm in the belief that every young person’s mind and character can and will flourish and grow and that mistakes are a necessary party of this process. Given this, poor choices regarding behaviour will be met with clear and specific advice about how one should improve and make better choices in the future.

Please view Green Gates Academy Behaviour and Rewards Guidelines Spring 2021

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