Sorry Box

Sorry Box at Green Gates Academy

Due to the individual needs of children at Green Gates Academy, they canĀ find it very difficult to say sorry if they have done something wrong.

The sorry box allows children to write down what they would like to say sorry about on a sorry form, with their name and the sorry they want to make. This can be then placed into the sorry box in school.

The sorry box is then checked by a member of staff on a daily basis. If a child has submitted a sorry form, a member of staff will spend some time discussing how the child is able to say sorry to a pupil or a member of staff. A plan of action will then be put in place and the member of staff will support the child to move forward and carry out their sorry appropriately.

A log of all sorry forms will be kept by the school and monitored by senior staff. Any safeguarding concerns would also be passed onto to the designated safeguarding officer.

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