Behaviour Expectations

Responsibilities ‐ it is expected that all pupils must:

  • Complete all work within the lesson
  • Never distract or prevent others from learning
  • Listen carefully and follow staff instructions at the first time of asking
  • Speak and act kindly and respectfully to others at all times
  • Always wear school uniform
  • Respect and care for our academy building and all property belonging to the academy and that of others
  • Act as a role model in all that they say and do so that the good name of Green Gates Academy is upheld and maintained
  • Participate in a range of activities beyond the classroom
  • Model good behaviour at all times to other pupils within the academy

Green Gates Golden Rules

  • We work hard, we don’t waste our own time or others
  • We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We look after our school, we don’t damage property
  • We listen, and we respect others opinions
  • We are gentle, we don’t hurt others
  • We are honest, we tell the truth
Green Gates Academy
Melton Road
TS19 0JD

Tel: 01642 570104


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