Our vision at Green Gates is to, ‘Strive, Believe and Achieve’. This theme runs throughout our maths curriculum.  
Our children follow the White Rose Scheme of Work, which hopes to develop confidence and competence in maths. Which in turn will help everyone develop a real passion for maths. Students study topics in ‘blocks’, which helps children embed their learning as they will be spending a time focussed on one topic area.   

We understand that every child is an individual and this is why it is important to us to allow children to have the opportunity to work in their own way. We encourage children to access and use a number of practical resources such as Numicon, Cuisennaire and Base Ten to develop their understanding. The use of concrete apparatus is something we use throughout the whole school, up to year 6, depending on the individual needs of the children. Further detail can be found within our Maths Intent Statement. 

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