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We are very keen to hear what you think of Green Gates Academy.

Please download a blank Student Questionnaire form and send into school.

In the last survey, children were asked,  "If Ofsted came in, what would you tell them?"

Here are their responses;

"This is a lovely school, I hope you like it."

"It's a very good school."

"I get taught and looked after very well."

"This school is good. It's great, I love it."

"Our school is good!"

"I like being safe and I like my teachers."

"Our school is a very nice place."

In the last survey 2016/17, Parent/Carer comments were;

"I am over the moon with how well my child's reading has progressed and his writing skills are improving"

" My child is working very hard and he is becoming more confident"

" I think the teaching and support my child receives is very good"

"School has helped my son in many ways - thank you"

"Fabulous improvement, great caring environment"

"My child's achievement in the last year is amazing, I am so proud and it is all thanks to Green Gates"

"Amazing teachers and TA's"

"My child receives a high level of teaching which he understands"

"I can’t express how grateful I am at the calls and notes informing me of any problems and feel should I have a worry or a problem I can phone or make an appointment to be seen"

"My child is happy coming to school – no issues"

"The school and myself have good communication I have no worries and if I ever should I feel that I can ring or tell his teacher about it"

When Parents/Carers were asked what they consider to be strengths of the school, their responses were;

"Great staff and communication"

"Firm boundaries and consistency"

"High expectations for the children to achieve"

"The staff"

"Communication with parents/carers"

"Fantastic teachers and principal"

"The teachers want the best for the children and I do too so we all work together. The teachers listen to what we have to say and take our advice on what we think to do"

"The school treats each child as individual and deals with their specific needs appropriately"

"Staff are welcoming and we are able to approach them"

"Bringing my child up to his school year"

"The staff. Teaching is excellent and safeguarding is amazing"

"The school supports the school very well and problems are resolves very quickly which parents are always made aware of"

"Communication between teachers and parents"

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