Curriculum Intent

Green Gates Curriculum intent

At Green Gates Academy we aspire to have all pupils:

  • strive towards being the best they can be,
  • believe that they have the skills and the confidence to be successful in the future; and
  • achieve outstanding progress both academically and emotionally.

Thereby allowing them to gain the confidence necessary to make positive contributions to the local community.

  • To provide all pupils with a range of opportunities, skills and knowledge to help them make the rights choices for their future aspirations.
  • To encourage all pupils to be passionate and enthusiastic about learning and show curiosity about the world they live in.
  • To encourage pupils to build up their resilience and confidence in order to overcome any barriers to learning, and develop their own self-control to manage their behaviour.
  • To develop pupils to respect themselves and others, have high levels of and self-esteem, and display a clear sense of purpose.
  • To encourage and motivate pupils to set themselves high standards and have high aspirations.

Curriculum Implementation…..

  • Support teachers to know how to plan units of learning which build knowledge and skills
  • Support teachers to know when to sequence the units of learning
  • Support pupils’ next steps with regular assessments of progress made within units of learning and any adapted learning activities resulting from this
  • Support pupils to know the end points of units of learning and how well they are doing at those end points

Curriculum Impact…….

  • Provide for meaningful and relevant national curriculum related outcomes for all pupils to prepare them for the next stage of their education.
  • Ensure that all pupils make academic progress but also further develop emotional resilience, form positive relationships and know their rights as an individual.
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