Posted On: 12 Jul 2021

LPPA Success

LPPA RE-ASSESSMENT- Green Gates Academy July 2021

Green Gates are committed to supporting our parents/carers with their children at Green Gates Academy. This is to ensure we work well in partnership to support all of our children.

To ensure we are confident we do this well we have a quality mark LPPA

Leading Parent Partnership Award. On 8th July 2021 we had the assessor complete our assessment to achieve the quality mark through a virtual portfolio and a TEAMs meeting which some of our staff, pupils and stakeholders attended

The assessor identified the following strengths at Green Gates Academy

  • A continued commitment from ALL staff to work in partnership with parents, families and external agency provision where necessary to achieve positive, relevant outcomes for pupils continues to evolve in line with needs.
  • The effective range of information and communication provision for parents to engage with the school was continuing to evolve.
  • A varied programme of training/information sharing/workshop and enrichment opportunities for parents and families to support their children’s learning and develop their own learning has continued to be maintained and also develop following the LPPA Reassessment in partnership with external agencies as required. The activities will continue to develop as we come out of the Pandemic!
  • Relevant documentation to show pupil achievements, progress, targets and tracking information that enables parents to be celebrate with their children but also to be kept informed of any concerns and how to work with the school to alleviate these.
  • Parent friendly policies and general school life guidance supported by information shared through the day.
  • Effective and efficient transitions on the whole into the school, throughout the setting and on exit to the next stage of learning and life.
  • Consultation across the school in a regular, relevant and appropriate manner.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and feedback is recognised as fundamental to meaningful development across the school and has become embedded into everyday practice through the school improvement and development planning processes.

This is great news for staff, pupils, parents and cares of Green Gates Academy. This award will last for three years and at the end of the three years we will them complete another re-assessment

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